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Death is a solemn visitor, and it fills our hearts with sadness.  Although we know he is a messenger from God to summon our loved ones from the troubled cares of this world to a life of peace and rest.  And he will soon come to us with all that is promised in the Great Light of Truth yet he is unwelcome.

Solemn because irrevocable is the reality of the lesson taught by the Scythe of Time, which cuts the brittle thread of life and launches us into eternity.  We are sad because one so near and dear to us by fraternal ties is gone.

It is the breaking of these ties, the loss of companionship and the sudden ending of all association with our departed brother & sister that plunges us into woe and regret.

****Al Koran Shrine Nobles visited by the Black Camel list****

 Allen "A.J."  Johnson 8/14/2023              Ernest Barnes 6/26/2022                       John "Jay" Owens 2/23/2022      James Moss 1/13/2022          Jeffrey Guess 12/8/2021 
Joe L. Webb 9/18/2021               Tyrone Cartwright 8/31/2020        Pervis Ellison - 7/1/2020          James "Mouse" Hill - 5/31/2020                Rudolph Glover 1-10-2020 

Theodore Carter           Austin Bruno           Winifred Bruce       Ural E. Harper     Bryant Jefferson           Jesse Reese             Floyd Rogers   

George E. Saunders     Francis C. Wilson      James Bess    Walter Shealy    Al B. Saunders 
Ernest Harris    Louis J. Brown    Arthur L. Johnson   Arthur Hicks      Millard Broomfield   
Carney Sykes    Bennie Robinson     James McCarthy       Joe Scott       J.L. Taylor 
J.B. Yates       Alfred Godley       Johnnie T. Hearn    Louis Walls     Louis McDaniel 
Benjamin  Ussery    Jeff Menefee      Lloyd Washington    Boswell Teal   Arthaniel Arnic

William Hargrove    George Hayes    Alsey Saunders     E. Yates    Nathaniel Griffin

James Hill     George McCarty     Curtis Jefferson      Ruben Johnson 
Larry Donaldson      Joseph Brigman      Walter Barnes

Past Potentates:    W.C. Tabor    Sam P. Hall    Louis J. Brown   Ernest L. Calwell

Aaron J. Weeks       James H. Bess   Joseph A. Scott Jr    Ernest D. Harris

Joseph P. Vaughns        Allen "A.J." Johnson

      ****Jones Court Daughters visited by the Black Camel list****

Cynthia Counts  6/8/2024                      Barbara Siggers  5/18/2024                 Cecilia Hill 1/12/2023                  Virginia Mae Powell  7/1/2022         Patricia Lenton    7-12-2020    Jamesetta Grant    3-29-2020
Mary JoAnn Flint Humpfries   3-18-2020  Betty Saunders 4-25-2020 
Rose Gill       Magdalene Jackson      Jo Ella Rice    Elisa Hardy 
Jeri Greenard      Mary Washington       Clara Whiting   Gladys White
Joyce Cook      Myra McCullough      Wilma Hicks      Rosie Pullen     
Barbara Brooks    Frances Webb    Elizabeth Slater    Viola Keys 

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