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This Chapter was chartered on June 3, 1946. The Chapter is supported by Alamo Lodge #1491


Electa is the fifth star point heroine.

REPRESENTS - Electa represents the ideal Mother because she sacrificed everything to establish a Christian heritage for her children and because she fully accepted the responsibility for the spiritual welfare of her children.


MEANING - Electa means "honorable," "Lady," and "called of God." Electa; that honored Christian Lady, through her life and through her death answered the "call of God" to testify to the love of the Father through the love of the Son.


COLOR - The brilliant red is dedicated to Electa because it has ever been the color of fervency, hospitality and love. It was also selected because it has been a symbol of Christ's sacrifice on the cross for the sake of man and Electa was crucified on the cross for the sake of Christ.

FLOWER - The deep red rose has been dedicated to Electa because it is symbolic of love. It represents Electa's love of her family, her fellow man, Christ and God.


IDEALS - The ideals of Electa are Love and Hospitality. These characteristics may be emulated by consistently acting with love toward one's fellow man, and by loving Christ and God with all of the mind and heart.


EMBLEM - The Cup is the emblem of Electa. It represents one's allotted portion of life's joys or sorrows. Electa found that, although the bitterness of her life situation might appear to be a Cup of Sorrow, through love and faith she could accept her tribulations as a Cup of Joy achieved through unwavering testimony to her love of Christ.


SYMBOL - The Lion is symbolic of the deeper meaning which may be understood from the study of the life of Electa. The Lion, which is a symbol of power and strength, is dedicated to Electa because of her devotion to Christ. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, gave Electa the strength to bear her trials for His sake. Christ's love of God the Father gave Christ the strength to endure his earthly trials that all men might have the power to live eternally through belief in Him.


JEWEL OF THE OFFICE - The Jewel of the Office of Electa is the Ruby. It represents warmth, love, and sacrifice. The jewels of the five point heroines are referred to as the Central Jewels.


SEASONS - Electa represents the autumn of the year, or the autumn, or period of full maturity in the lifetime of the individual. A mature Christian woman has the capacity to reap a spiritual and intellectual harvest of great value.


BEATITUDE - The eight beatitude is associated with Electa. "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake; for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven."



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